Speed Demo: Super Metroid (00:32)

I have seen this twice now and thought I would finally share it. Though the video is almost an hour, the game clock is timed at just a little over 30 minutes. While this is the fastest run of Super Metroid I know, the author says it could be better. I can remember beating games like Mega Max X in a day but, I never imagined mastering Super Metroid and beating it in such a short time. The author’s comments are below as seen on http://speeddemosarchive.com.

This is a Super Metroid any% run done single-segment. I started to challenge this time attack in around June 2006, and this movie is the one recorded on 9th August.

Before making this movie, I gained many hints from some tool-assisted speedrun movies, especially Terimakasih’s any% run and Michael Flatley’s incomplete 100% run which are available at TASVideos. From Terimakasih’s run, I got ideas of faster boss fights and less items. From MF’s run, I learned the arm pumping dash and many sensitive movements. Also, I got a lot of good information from the website “NINTENDON!”, which has a good Japanese Super Metroid community and also is famous for its good SM rom hacking. I’d like to thank BananaOyaji who is the webmaster of NINTENDON! and Sippu who is a good SM speed runner. Also, I’d like to thank catnap222 for helping with my submission and giving me some new techniques like the “Torizo quick kill” or the “Super short charge”. Moreover, I’d like to thank SDA and Radix for giving me the chance for publication like this.

Some explanations are following:

– Ceres escape can be faster, but it’s very difficult.
– At the Torizo fight, Samus made Torizo skip his first arm attack by moving in front of him just after the boss fight begins.
– Kraid fight was completely well done.
– In the Phantoon fight, I badly missed the first attack. What is worse, all of his attack patterns were the slowest ones.
– At the top room of the Wrecked Ship, I played quite badly, like missing the shine spark, and so on.
– At the huge room before Draygon, I failed the horizontal shine spark, though Samus charged at the required position.
– Mother Brain fight was one of the quickest kills. I attacked him with Charge Beam in the first half, and with Murder Beam in the latter half. Before his Hyper Beam, I took the gravity suit off instead of taking damage intentionally.
– It seemed that 31mins was impossible, so I went to the bomb room and rescueed the animals.

In detail, there are nearly 100 mistakes in this run. If I had done well in the Wrecked Ship including the Phantoon fight, I would have gotten 31min. Using save points, I would make it even faster. Anyway, this run is almost my perfect. Enjoy!

Go right

This spectacular montage consists of many games from Contra to Klonoa to Mario to Castlevania. All of them are very different games stylistically and genre wise but, they all have at least one thing in common: your progression is based upon going to the right. Watch and remember!

Impressions: Jak and Daxter HD Collections (PS3)


The collection contains the original three games and sadly does not have ports of the PSP games Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier which continues the story after the third game nor the standalone Daxter which takes place just before the events of Jak II. In all the games you play as Jak and your partner Daxter, is the comic relief. Jak remains silent for the first game but become vocal later in the series. All three of the included adventures are well worth the time it takes to beat them.

While I haven’t yet jumped into the last piece of the trilogy, I can safely say that the first two games are ported gracefully with a few enhancements as well. I have played Jak and Daxter to completion several times, the other two only a couple times. That being said, I am more familiar with the first installment. Nothing seems to changed structural overall. The frame rate has been increased, the resolution is clearer and the animations are smoother. However, like everything from the previous generation, you can’t judge an aged product by today’s expectations, that would just be unfair. So we have to rewind a little bit … having played all of them on the original platform helps make decisions on how I feel about it now.

Jak and Daxter is a fun, whimsical platformer with bright colors, a basic story and characters, tight controls and very good production values. It’s a resilient game that any gamer can have fun with. It’s something we don’t see very often in this generation of gaming which I think is a shame. Naughty Dog really made a leap here from Crash Bandicoot and the effort is shown however, I always thought something on this scale was expected from them: a fully 3D adventure game as opposed to Crash which only allowed linear paths to the end of a level. Playing Jak for the first time in five or so years, it’s refreshing to get away from all the complications and mechanics that a lot of games bring to table. Most of all, Jak is fun and easy to pick up. While most of the game consists of collecting items to progress the story through each of its expansive worlds, it doesn’t hold back the fun factor. Although, I do remember the camera being less of pain and more versatile, playing it now made me wish I had more control over it. For a game made in the early 2000s, I am pleased with it but, the camera has a hard time getting around corners and sometimes won’t budge within closed and claustrophobic environments.

The following two sequels to the series are much different than the first but, similar to each other in nature. Both Jak II and Jak 3 keep the platforming elements of Jak and Daxter, adds a single “sandbox hub world” to the mix, provides vehicle travel and gives the protagonist the use guns which some might find objectionable given the quirky overtones the prequel had. If you play them all back to back, you can see the different direction Naughty Dog took with the series and any player will notice how different each of them play within the first five minutes. Both of them are much darker in story, character development in addition to the world. It’s a more mature game, if the ESRB rating didn’t give that away, than Jak’s transform move and attacks will. The story and plot elements really pick up in latter of the two games, the first game really seems weaker in the writing department the more you get into the series. Jak 3 is bigger than the second, adds onto the innovations and changes from it and I remember really liking it just as much as Jak II.

Personally, the first will always be my favorite. I’ve played the hell out of it and almost wish they would go back to it and do a spin off or something just to experience the Jak and Daxter world again. The $40 price tag is fair I suppose, although I would pay $60 for all of them. If you have a PS3 and haven’t taken the time to play through these excellent games of the past generation then you are really missing out.