Chip Tunes Tuesday: Earth’s Theme

One excellent song. It’s very worthy of the name “Earth’s Theme.”

I could easily see this as an intro or theme to a retro sci-fi game. Check out more from the song’s composer, Platonist.

Downton Abbey as an SNES game

Why not download the ridiculous mp3? It might impress your mom.
It is here:

Special thanks to Clock Tower and Home Alone 2 for some graphics.

It’s quite amusing to see a TV show adapted into a fake SNES game. The song playing with the video is also noteworthy.

PlayStation One: Clear Shell

The tutorial like video shows the author taking apart an original PSOne casing and placing the chipset into a near identical clear shell. It’s a long video but, it’s worth it if you like seeing the guts of gaming consoles or are interested in what the PlayStation chipset looked like. By then end, it’s all put together and working shown with gameplay from a few PS1 classics.