Saturday Morning RPG to get physical release

While most games these days are put out as a physical and digital releases, the lot of indie games are just put out as a digital download. Though, some indie titles are lucky enough to get the retail treatment. In this case, Saturday Morning RPG will get a physical release this Friday (1/29/2016) on PS4 and Vita. It’s not going to be being shipped worldwide to brick and mortar stores, you’ll have to pay on a first come, first serve basis through the Limited Run store.

As the name of the store implies, the game will only be available in limited quantities, only a few thousand copies per version, thus making it one of the rarest PS4 physical releases to date, if ever.

Saturday Morning RPG is of course a nostalgia fueled RPG styled adventure with various graphical approaches to 1980s cartoons.

Natsume auctioned sealed copies of retro games

A few games popped up on eBay from Japanese publisher Natsume, most famous for the Harvest Moon series. While it’s too late now to bid on some cool titles from previous generations, it’s not often you see this. Maybe some other companies have some stock they’d like to sell to potential collectors?

Here are some of the titles they auctioned off:

Harvest Moon 64 went for $317

Lufia II sold for $806

Pocky and Rocky was purchased for almost $1,700