Retro Releases: March 2016

This past month: Some more notable PS2 Rockstar games for the PS4 and SNES games to the 3DS.

PlayStation Store:



Okage: Shadow King

Rise of the Kasai

Nintendo eShop:

Yoshi’s Story

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

City Connection

Dig Dug II



Super Mario World

Donkey Kong Country


Super Mario Kart


Duck Hunt in virtual reality

With VR headsets reaching consumers hands this year, many are excited for what they can experience. From riding a roller coaster in 1st person to having a birds eye view of an abandoned city, the possibilities keep growing. Luckily, some developers have been thinking retrospectively. Though, it wasn’t Nintendo that thought to bring the hallmark of NES light gun shooters to new depths.

Joseph Delgado is an indie developer who recently took to the task of porting the classic to an Oculus Rift headset. Surprisingly, he did all of it in just 24 hours as apart of the annual Global Game Jam.

Delgado recently posted he ported the Duck Hunt VR project using different hardware.