Dioramas of old games!

DeviantArt user Mark Green, or also know as mbgreen78 on the site, has been making some awesome paper renditions of old video game stills. From Mario to Tetris to Castlevania, there is a little bit of everything for you to appreciate. Have a look and enjoy!




Please visit his gallery, there’s much more than this to see!




The NES in a Station Wagon

While popular auto manufacturer, Oldsmobile, is no longer innovating with cars, they were however willing to experiment with video technology in cars. Having a TV set in minivans is and was somewhat popular in many models, but in 1990 they weren’t as prevalent.

Oldsmobile planned to have a Nintendo Entertainment System in the Expression station wagon, installed in the back door of the car.

If this car ever made it out of the concept phase, it would’ve been way ahead of its time.