Locked out: Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a great game but, the PAL territories never got to play it. And apparently, it isn’t easy to mod for a PAL system. It doesn’t look like you could use any of the good old fashioned tricks to get it to play. Importing a North American or Japan console is one way to do it, or … you could take apart the cartridge itself and do some rewiring.

www.mmmonkey.co.uk has the solution if everything you’ve tried has failed.


However, if this is too much trouble or too risky, SMRPG was released to the Virtual Console.


“Portable” SNES mods

I never imagined taking a Super Nintendo on the road with me, which is why I had a Game Boy. The thought of bringing cartridges that can’t fit in your pocket on the road never seemed practical, not to mention the probability of terrible battery life. When I look back at the Sega Nomad, I see why Nintendo didn’t do the same with their home consoles. However this has not stopped people from attempting to make mobile renditions of the classic console.