Metal Gear brings in 25 years, Ground Zeroes trailer released

In addition to Final Fantasy and Street Fighter, the Metal Gear franchise celebrates a landmark year by announcing a new installment titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Like most MGS trailers, the details of the story and setting remain somewhat cryptic.

Konami apparently uses their new engine called Fox for the footage captured in the trailer.


Final Fantasy, Street Fighter celebrate 25 years

It’s hard to forget franchises that set industry standards. For 25 years, the titles in the Final Fantasy and Street Fighter series have been making history and this year is no different. Capcom has put together a very nice collection of Street Fighter goodies in the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set. The package includes games, soundtracks, an art book and more.

Square is not far off either, releasing the 13 Final Fantasy titles in one package according to Andriasang.

Do take a look at the full offerings at and the complete Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary gallery. Watch your wallet, these two collections are sure to be pricey.