Atari 2700 found, sold

While at a thrift store in California a very rare prototype Atari console was discovered. It was purchased for $30, later sold for $3,000!

The discovery was an Atari 2700, the supposed follow-up to the 2600. The 2700 really isn’t any different from the 2600, the biggest difference between them is a pair of wireless controllers (as opposed to wired ones) and the overall physical appearance.

While It is unclear how many of these systems exist, former Atari employee Dan Kramer has stated that at least 12 consoles were made, plus extra controllers.




Rare copy of Super Mario Brother sells for over $30,000

The original Super Mario Brothers cart for the NES is not in short supply, but a print run sold individually and not bundled with the console? Mint and sealed? That can fetch a worthy price, and in this case: $30,100.44! The copy was sold on eBay.

It even has the original price tag of $26.99. And if you were to calculate the value of $27 in 1985 to 2017, you’d have the price of a full game now retailing at about $59.99. Regardless, there aren’t that many games that sell for such a high price (the elusive US release of Stadium Events for one).

The same seller, DKOldies, also auctioned off a sealed copy of Kid Icarus which had a winning bid of over $11,000.

Natsume auctioned sealed copies of retro games

A few games popped up on eBay from Japanese publisher Natsume, most famous for the Harvest Moon series. While it’s too late now to bid on some cool titles from previous generations, it’s not often you see this. Maybe some other companies have some stock they’d like to sell to potential collectors?

Here are some of the titles they auctioned off:

Harvest Moon 64 went for $317

Lufia II sold for $806

Pocky and Rocky was purchased for almost $1,700