Final Fantasy IX will come to Steam

One of the most beloved and perhaps overlooked entries in the Final Fantasy series will finally get a re-release on the Steam platform. This release is also partially upgraded with some features exclusive to Valve’s service like trading cards.

In addition to other Steam features, the port boasts a few upgrades according to the store page:

・Seven game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
・High-definition movies and character models.

The expected release for FFIX on Steam is “early 2016.”


A 16-bit Final Fantasy XI single player fan adaptation

It already sounds like a lot … a small team is taking up the endeavor of crafting a single player experience from a massively multiplayer online game. When asked about including the vast world of FFXI and translating the MMO experience to a single player roleplaying game, the creator seemed pretty confident.

I plan on taking on most of the areas up until about three years ago, so, everything minus the Abyssea content. As far as the experience…it wont be the same feeling as the game itself, but it will definitely bring back a lot of memories for those who have played FFXI for a long time. It will be significantly different, but in a weird way, the same.

The full interview from Retro Game Network can be read here.

Check out the progress via the Facebook page below.