Retro Releases: December 2015

This month we see the PlayStation 4 get some PS2 emulated games and a classic PS1 JRPG. The Wii U gets a beloved 3D platformer from its predecessor.

PlayStation Store:

War of the Monsters

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Mark of Kri

Rogue Galaxy

PaRappa The Rapper 2

Dark Cloud

Twisted Metal: Black



Nintendo eShop:

1080º Snowboarding

Super Mario Galaxy




8-bit Cinema!

Popular YouTube channel CineFix hosts a number of clever, creative and entertaining shorts styled in the theme of retro games! They are basic recreations of movies with pixel graphics from early generations of console gaming. If you haven’t seen these awesome animations and are a fan of classic gaming and movies, you’ll definitely get a kick out of them.

Why would you throw away the game box?

I always keep the packaging from a game and its contents (manual, map, inserts etc.)… Whenever I walk into my local game store I see plenty of games without their home: a jewel case or cardboard box.

The thought of it is quite disheartening for a collector and fan of old school games. When I was younger, my father would always tell me to keep the instructions and box for anything I bought, even if it was something as simple as an alarm clock. That same principle applies to games new and old. Games these days don’t really come with that much besides a little DLC redemption slip inside the box. It’s a step to be environmentally sound and a sign that game distributors are ready for consoles to embrace digital distribution.

Even the last generation still had manuals that spanned over 20 pages and other inserts stuffed into them. Games before this digital age we play in now were meant to be kept with their instructions and in their original packaging. So again, I have to the fathom the idea of why these games might be found in a store without a box and manual.

Before the game is sold back to the retailer in its “naked” condition, what did the game go through to deserve such treatment? Did the dog eat it? But, being realistic, it is probably more of a personal preference. Keep the box or ditch it?

The older a game gets, the more value it will fetch the closer it is to its original state. Take care of your game and not just because of the price aspect. Take care of it because somebody down the line will appreciate it when it comes with the box and manual.

Sega Mega Drive shipment found hidden away for decades

What’s it like finding unopened video game products in a warehouse? It has to be one of the most invigorating feelings in the world!

From the RetroCollect piece:

This recent find by a member of the Sega Galaxy Board has seen four Sega shipping boxes taken home containing 20 unused and unopened PAL-Asian Mega Drive II consoles along with multiple copies of 18 different 16-bit classics – including Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 2. Luckily enough for us, this new owner of this buried treasure has made it clear that he doesn’t have enough room or need for such vast quantities of Sega’s past and has begun selling the spares online. Those interested in getting their hands on a pristine Sega Mega Drive II will need to set aside 70 Euros, whilst the majority of untouched games will set you back 10 Euros a piece.

Surely there has to more consoles and games yet undiscovered in even weirder places …

Podcast Watch: Factory Sealed

Factory Sealed is an audio podcast from which usually features talk specifically of retro games and retro gaming. It can be conversational at times but, that is not a bad thing since the hosts and participants are entertaining. Every episode they agree to play a retro game and discuss their impressions of it on the most current episode. However, it is hard to say when episodes arrive in your feed, recording and posting does not seem consistent as of yet.


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