Final Fantasy IX now on PS4

As apart of Sony’s Tokyo Game Show announcements, Square-Enix has released Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 4. Much like the re-released FFVII a few years ago, this release of FFIX sports some new features like trophies and some “boosters” like a no encounter mode.

The game is currently priced on the PS Store as $16.79 but will increase to $20.99 on September 26.


Mega Man Legends 2 to hit PSN in April

The Mega Man Legends series had a minimal splash on the original PlayStation upon release and throughout the years. The first installment was even ported to the N64 and had a sequel only released for the PlayStation, printed in low quantities. Mega Man Legends 2 now fetches a hefty price at retailers and in online auctions, some times breaching $125 US, much more if the copy is factory sealed.

However, a much lower price tag would make the great and overlooked MML2 a more viable prospect to gamers. The PlayStation Blogcast recently announced that the game would be available in April 2016 on the PSN Store. Like most other PS1 games that are released on the PSN, it can be assumed that it will only be compatible with the PS3 and Vita handheld system.

With this addition hitting PSN, it would make the trio of PlayStation Mega Man Legend games complete (Mega Man LegendsMega Man Legends 2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).

Saints Row on PSP?!

That’s right, there was a Saints Row game being developed for the PlayStation Portable. It was never released on store shelves, in fact it was cancelled several years ago. But, luck would have it that its beta version was found on a PSP devkit. Best of all, if you really want to have a go with the unfinished game, you can! The developers at Volition have made a playable ISO for anybody interested.


Links to the download: (from

Breath of Fire III releasing on PSN

Breath of Fire, an RPG series which started on the SNES and eventually made tracks on PlayStation systems, will have its third iteration released as a PSP game, according to a blog post from Capcom.

We’ve got a special treat for you today; we’re happy to announce that Breath of Fire III is coming to PSN as a downloadable PSP game! We’ll have a few more details closer to launch, but you’ll be able to snag the game for $9.99 (USD) this February, and the game itself will be fully compatible with all hardware that plays digital PSP content – that means PSP, PS Vita, and PSTV are all supported. We’ll have a bit more information when the game launches, so stay tuned!

As the statement reads, it will be put out sometime this February.

Saturday Morning RPG to get physical release

While most games these days are put out as a physical and digital releases, the lot of indie games are just put out as a digital download. Though, some indie titles are lucky enough to get the retail treatment. In this case, Saturday Morning RPG will get a physical release this Friday (1/29/2016) on PS4 and Vita. It’s not going to be being shipped worldwide to brick and mortar stores, you’ll have to pay on a first come, first serve basis through the Limited Run store.

As the name of the store implies, the game will only be available in limited quantities, only a few thousand copies per version, thus making it one of the rarest PS4 physical releases to date, if ever.

Saturday Morning RPG is of course a nostalgia fueled RPG styled adventure with various graphical approaches to 1980s cartoons.