Final Fantasy X on Steam?!

According to the Steam store page, it’s not out yet, but in a few days. On May 12th, PC owners will be able to enjoy not only FFX, but its direct sequel as well FFX-2 in the HD remaster format that was released on PlayStation systems.

The store page also highlights some things found in other PC Final Fantasy releases like no encounter modes and auto saves.


Final Fantasy IX will come to Steam

One of the most beloved and perhaps overlooked entries in the Final Fantasy series will finally get a re-release on the Steam platform. This release is also partially upgraded with some features exclusive to Valve’s service like trading cards.

In addition to other Steam features, the port boasts a few upgrades according to the store page:

・Seven game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
・High-definition movies and character models.

The expected release for FFIX on Steam is “early 2016.”