Impressions: Black Mesa (PC Mod)

If you’ve been following the Black Mesa PC mod development (a recreation of the original Half-Life using current Source Engine technology) then you might know that version 1.0 was finally released. It’s been a while since I’ve dug my toes into into HL1 but, refreshing my memories with this lets me take in the experience once again. Let me state that the mod isn’t done by any Valve staff but, by a long list of talented volunteers. So far I am having a great time with this and haven’t had any gripes.

Take a look at what the team has done with the upgrade …

Gameplay wise, I can’t detect much of a change, it’s still Half-Life. The Source engine definitely has a lot to do with the changes so if you’ve played Half-Life 2 you’ll be able to tell it’s different. The graphics and sound are the biggest noticeable changes and one of the reasons I think the mod will attract fans and curious newcomers. The Black Mesa development team have taken their time to remake HL1 and things are very polished. The sound effects have been updated as well as a new soundtrack which can be downloaded for free as well here.

I don’t like to review games or products per se but, I will give my opinion on things once I think I have fully grasped the concept. I might post again giving my full impressions on the mod once I have completed it. In the mean time, I cannot give enough praise for this project being completed and I urge anybody with a capable PC to indulge in this as well as any other installments in the Half-Life franchise.


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