Dioramas of old games!

DeviantArt user Mark Green, or also know as mbgreen78 on the site, has been making some awesome paper renditions of old video game stills. From Mario to Tetris to Castlevania, there is a little bit of everything for you to appreciate. Have a look and enjoy!




Please visit his gallery, there’s much more than this to see!




Awesome Games Done Quick!

The marathon of games event is over and produced some great speedruns for many, many games. Aside from the laundry list of games being played to beaten quickly, there was a charity event attached to it. Visit their website for info on what you missed and how to donate to help prevent cancer and to further cancer detection research.

Past broadcasts can found on their Twitch channel, other highlights are belong.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

There are lots of tributes to classic gaming out there, like Super Mario Crossover. SMC allows you to play the original Mario levels with different characters from classic NES games like Metroid or Contra and add some graphical changes if you want. Or the tribute might be something more modern like 3D Dot Game Heroes, a PS3 retail game that heralds back to the NES Zelda.

Recently, I stumbled upon Abobo’s Big Adventure, “The Ultimate Tribute to the NES.” This is what happens when you take a really tough enemy from Double Dragon and give him his own game. You travel through many levels of 8-bitdom, see many homages to the era and familiar pixels along the way.

You take the roll of Abobo himself, when your son Aboboy is captured; you go on a steaming rampage to get him back. I have always been a fan of crossovers and if the industry has taught us one thing, some franchises are destined to be mixed up. Abobo’s Big Adventure just happens to encapsulate a lot of them. And very well I might add.

Locked out: Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a great game but, the PAL territories never got to play it. And apparently, it isn’t easy to mod for a PAL system. It doesn’t look like you could use any of the good old fashioned tricks to get it to play. Importing a North American or Japan console is one way to do it, or … you could take apart the cartridge itself and do some rewiring.

www.mmmonkey.co.uk has the solution if everything you’ve tried has failed.


However, if this is too much trouble or too risky, SMRPG was released to the Virtual Console.