Ocarina of Time being remade in 2D

The jump from 2D to 3D was a big thing in gaming technology. The industry really hasn’t that kind of graphical jump in a long time. Ever since the release of the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation, 3D gaming environments have been a mainstay in console gaming. Remakes of games from the past are quite common these days, usually receiving a graphical upgrade. Though, with OoT 2D, a fan remake, the graphics are being reverted back into the second dimension. For its time, OoT was pretty groundbreaking, most Zelda games were. That being said, have a look at OoT 2D.

OoT 2D is a 2D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that is styled like ALttP. It has been attempted many times and by many different authors, the first attempt of which was over a decade ago!

This embodiment of OoT 2D will use no already-existing engine and no utilities such as Game Maker. While building it from scratch is slow and old-fashioned, this method of programming will grant full control over everything, resulting in a high-quality product! We hope you all like it!

More information can be found at http://oot-2d.com/


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