Survival Kids 2 sees fan translation

An old Game Boy favorite of mine, Survival Kids, was definitely overlooked by many at the time. For one, it was an unforeseen genre which just so happens to be so extremely popular nowadays. Released in October 1999 in the US, this game contained gameplay elements that not many games used at the time such as a hunger meter, day and night cycles, a crafting system, multiple endings, puzzle solving, two selectable characters and a fully explorable world. Many of the features could be discovered in a non-linear fashion, Survival Kids is a game about learning how things work and Survival Kids 2 sees fan translationwhat they work with all while exploring a deserted tropical island.

Unfortunately for gamers outside of Japan never saw its sequel: Survival Kids 2. Konami did eventually release more games in the Survival Kids lineage, but renamed the series to Lost in Blue once it reached North America.

Recently however, an English fan translation was released, giving many the chance to finally enjoy the game without the use of language guides.


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