Rayman SNES found after more than 20 years

The creator of Rayman, Michel Ancel, recently found the long-lost prototype ROM of the original Rayman. It was slated for release on the Super Nintendo, but never officially made it out of production.


Rayman was initially developed for the Atari ST by Ancel alone.[6] When Frédéric Houde joined the project, they intended to produce a SNES-CDversion[6] and the developers hired animators from a cartoon company that considerably improved the graphics;[citation needed] however, the Super NES CD-ROM Adapter was canceled and the SNES version was cancelled in favor of systems with CD support,[8] leaving this version of the game unfinished but playable.[9] The team felt that the Atari Jaguar was the first system that could handle the graphics they wanted and moved development to a Jaguar version,[6] and advertisements in late 1994 announced the game as a Jaguar exclusive.[10] Focus was later shifted to the PlayStation version due to the system’s greater power, ease to program for, and CD technology.[6] The Saturn version came later in the development.[citation needed] 32X and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer versions were also announced,[11] but never released. -Wikipedia


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